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Up Close And Personal With Close-Up Photography

There are multiple ways to capture a subject and a setting in a photo. One of the most common and rewarding ways is with close-up photography. A lot of people tend to relate close-up photos to more of a portrait-style image including a person as the subject, but this can be true of flowers, bees,…

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The Process Of Restoring Old Photos

Photos play an important role in of our lives, reminding us of birthdays we completely forgot about and people we haven’t seen in years. So what can you do when your photos of a relative begin to tear, or a photo of an old Santa Clarita family store is too water-damaged to recognize? You can…

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Getting Up Close

Getting Up Close – Michael Asmar There is something magical about seeing a subject up close and personal. Close-up photography can be very a rewarding form of photographic expressions. The great thing about it is that you can take a photograph in the comfort of your home or setup shots at a park, at the…

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Showcasing Natural Beauty

Showcasing Natural Beauty – Michael Asmar Showcasing the Natural Beauty of Women is not as easy as you can imagine. There are many things to take into consideration. As an experience photographer, we take everything into consideration; will it be an indoor or outdoor shoot? Some people like the open-air feel, while others enjoy the air-conditioned…

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