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Welcome to Joie de Vivre Photographie

Santa Clarita's Favorite Photographers

Photographs connect us to beautiful memories of the past. They help us re-live all those precious moments over and over again. The importance of photography is much more than just capturing a fleeting moment in time. With an experienced photographer, you can capture the essence, the emotions; the absolute grandeur of the significant moments of your life.

A Dedicated Team of Photographers

Joie de Vivre Photographie is a leading photography provider and your ultimate choice for all your photography needs. Although we are located in Santa Clarita, California, we also provide services in the San Fernando, San Gabriel and Simi Valleys, Los Angeles, Orange County, South Bay, and Inland Empire. We travel from Santa Barbara to San Diego, or where ever your destination wedding may be.

Over the years, our founder, CEO and lead photographer, Michael Asmar, has developed photography and service delivery processes built around you, our customer, with the littlest things and smallest detail in mind. With his guidance and style, we have won multiple awards and substantial recognition for our photography. We use state-of-the-art lighting and setup and advanced camera equipment to capture your precious moments and memories.

Customer Satisfaction is our main priority

We believe greatly in your satisfaction, and as such, we ensure you get the best experience and great results when you use our services. We are confident you will love how well we immortalize your special moments, so they stand the test of time.

Customer Service

We Understand the importance of Exceptional Customer Service and Satisfaction. It is above everything else the most important part of what we do and who we are.

Award Winning

We are an award winning photography provider in Santa Clarita. Over the years, we’ve been well recognized for our outstanding work and service to our community.

Joie de Vivre Photographie Services

Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is a delicate art. On your big day, we want to help you capture every little joyful moment on camera. Our professional photographers will plan everything, from scouting the location, evaluating the effects of natural versus artificial lighting, to planning several shots in advance and preparing for contingencies.

Our professional photographers will ensure that you are on cloud nine to re-live every significant moment of your special day when you look at the artful photographs and wedding album, created uniquely for you.

Event Photography

Event photography can be tricky as you need to capture the shots that tell the story with the imagery of the event. We prepare for the shots in advance and click in the most opportune moments. We are constantly alert to what is going on and where, and don’t miss a thing.

At Joie de Vivre we provide services for personal events, corporate events, business functions, milestone events, religious events, product shoots, and various other occasions. We are well equipped to setup shoots inside your home or offices, at outside spaces such as parks, outside corporate spaces, inside event halls, lobbies and anywhere you need us to be.


In today’s technologically advanced world, you don’t have to sit still for hours to get a portrait taken. Our Portraiture services are keenly centered around you! We always come to you, creating authentic portraits at the location of your choice, indoor-studio style, or outdoors in a natural environment.

Personal Expression

You don’t always need words to express yourself. Personal expression images are about showing who you are in creative expressive set of images. With effective techniques in photography, we can capture your personal essence in soft, stunning images. You stay where you are – We come to your location and set up your environment for the photography session in your comfortable familiar surroundings. We come back for your image review, selection and ordering. It’s all about you!

Business Photography

For your business, you are assure personal professional photography services at your location. You go nowhere, we recognize that your time is valuable and we bring everything you’d expect from a studio right to your office. You will also have the opportunity to select your favorite executive headshots right for one individual, a whole team, board of directors – it’s simple, efficient and cost-effective.

Similarly, product photography is a snap. Our photographers use different focal points, and perfect lighting, that highlights the product, its component and features in the best light for business marketing, product catalogs, digital media and more. You won’t believe how easy we make it.

Photo Restoration

Often, old photographs can be damaged due to moisture, exposure, etc. Here at Joie de Vivre Photographie, we excel at restoring old photos, so you never have to say goodbye to your old memories.

We use sophisticated photographic technology and skilled image editing to provide non-destructive photo restoration. Whether it is old photos, photos with scratches and tilting, vintage or abnormal exposures, we can restore your photo. We reproduce the finished work to your liking in the various products that available to our photography customers.

Professional Photography by Joie de Vivre

A Sampling of Our Work

It’s no secret that capturing the perfect picture is no easy task. It requires years of experience, excellent camera technical skills, great lighting, exposure, focus, and creativity. And that is exactly what our photographers at Joie de Vivre have been doing, capturing perfect pictures for all of our happy customers for years and years.

Professional Photographers

Joie de Vivre provides professional photography for all types of events including but not limited to:

Wedding Photography 96%
Event Photography 93%
Business Photography 91%
Portraiture 86%
Personal Expression 88%

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