Up Close And Personal With Close-Up Photography

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There are multiple ways to capture a subject and a setting in a photo. One of the most common and rewarding ways is with close-up photography.

A lot of people tend to relate close-up photos to more of a portrait-style image including a person as the subject, but this can be true of flowers, bees, a couch, a shampoo bottle and countless other subjects alike.

There are a lot of close-up settings one can photograph all around their home. Here in the Santa Clarita Valley, there are great settings for close-up photography, such as: the mountains, hiking trails, main street boutique shops, parks and more.

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All of the settings around one’s home or throughout Santa Clarita are great for close-up photography simply because this style of capturing an image doesn’t have to include a wide variety of subject matter in the frame.

One can be virtually anywhere, and close-up photography will only capture what is within a few feet of the lens.

Joie De Vivre Photographie is a small local photography business here in Santa Clarita that describes close-up photography as both “rewarding” and “magical.”

Close-up photography is definitely a more personal approach to capturing a subject or setting, as it requires the photographer and subject to be connected through the details of a smaller space.

Joie De Vivre explains that the beauty of close-up photography has more to do with the person or subject being captured; this being because people usually don’t look at every subject in a photo up close and personal.

Photography, in all forms, can be rewarding and stylish, but there is a different kind of feeling that has been described with a job well-done in close-up photos.

Also, the viewer tends to get a closer, in-depth look at the subject in a photo with close-up photography, thus making it easier to put oneself in the setting.

Joie de Vivre of Santa Clarita is a small photography business located in the Santa Clarita Valley that is aimed to provide photography services of a wide variety. Along with special events, portraits, and maternity photos this photography company helps elevate businesses all around by providing executive headshots, website photos, and even graphic design. 

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