Showcasing Natural Beauty

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Showcasing Natural Beauty – Michael Asmar

Showcasing the Natural Beauty of Women is not as easy as you can imagine. There are many things to take into consideration.

As an experience photographer, we take everything into consideration; will it be an indoor or outdoor shoot? Some people¬†like the open-air feel, while others enjoy the air-conditioned comfort of indoors. Both have pros and cons and there’s not necessarily a right or wrong answer, but there are something that need to be consider.

Pros and cons

Indoor photography is favored by those of us who prefer to have control over their environment.
When the venue is outside or a home, the photographs are more natural than a studio, but the photographer sill has a steady unchangeable environment to work from. Photographing the outdoors on the contrary is a little more exciting and unpredictable. There’s never any guarantee the weather, the living things or the lighting will stay exactly as you want them, so outdoor photography¬†has to be more adaptable.

Both lighting setups have their own pros and cons, as a photographer it’s our duty to yield great pictures while accustoming the lighting setups. In conclusion, it might be easier for an indoor photographer to work within, but the excitement to an unknown or eventful outdoors, may give you a satisfying end result.

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